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Accelerating Digital Transformation: 3 Podcasts with ARC

by Jason Andersen

As we navigate these challenging times, organizations are facing pressure to quickly scale their supply chain to respond to demand shifts and remotely monitor application uptime in the face of work-from-home mandates. It’s no easy task, particularly considering that current supply resources cannot simply turn on a dime to ramp up production.

So how do you “home manage” applications to protect against failures, ensure product fulfillment and protect personnel all while making your business more dynamic?

We have three podcasts addressing:

Accelerated Supply Chain Re-engineering in the New Normal
When Remote Application Monitoring at the Edge is Critical
Edge Computing Phases Prepare Business for Tomorrow

Modern edge computing, paired with the right software, can enable these three approaches and speed your digital transformation.

Join the conversation with Stratus Technologies’ Jason Andersen and ARC’s Craig Resnick to learn how to implement these strategies at your business…and to do it quickly.

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