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Availability Solution Helps Securities Firm Meet Regulatory Requirements for Core Trading System

Wanlian Securities Co., Ltd. is the first standardized securities firm in Guangdong province, China. Its business scope touches everything from securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, securities trading, and securities investment activities, to securities underwriting and sponsors, and proprietary trading in securities. Providing such a wide range of individual and institutional financial services that rely on real-time financial data and transactions requires Wanlian to ensure trading system availability.

Unfortunately, even a brief interruption in trading system availability could result in significant financial losses for thousands of customers. Like many other companies in this position, downtime is simply unacceptable for Wanlian. The firm’s strong commitment to providing exceptional customer service combined with strict regulatory compliance requirements led them to rethink their approach to system availability.

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Wanlian Securities evaluated various software- and hardware based availability solutions, conducting detailed tests and comparisons to determine which option would best meet their high-performance requirements. After an in-depth assessment process, the company selected the Stratus ftServer system: a fault-tolerant platform that provides an open architecture with long term high availability. ftServer offers easy installation, simple configuration and management, and cost-effective maintenance.

The ftServer system has enabled Wanlian Securities to meet rigorous CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission) requirements for trading system availability while minimizing customer risk of financial losses due to system downtime. As a result, the company has successfully enhanced customer loyalty and strengthened its reputation and share within China’s financial services market.

Yu Bin Deputy Director of Centralized Trading, Operations Information Technology Center, Wanlian Securities commented “Stratus ftServer system is the ideal availability solution for the securities industry, where there is zero tolerance for transaction processing downtime or any other risk that could lead to data loss. This fault tolerant platform has delivered continuous availability to meet the stringent reliability requirements of the CSRC, company leadership, and our operations and maintenance staff, while providing customers with a fast, secure, and always-on trading system.”


Wanlian is just one of the many customers to choose Stratus when comparing their options. In fact, according to a survey of our customers, the majority say their top reason for buying Stratus includes superior availability and world class customer service compared to competitive alternatives. We invite you to check out more testimonials and case studies describing their experiences and success.

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