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Stratus CEO Dave Laurello Talks “Delivering on the Edge”

by David Laurello, President and CEO

Today’s news of our introduction of a smart, self-monitoring edge computing platform – Stratus ztC Edge – marks an inflection point not only for Stratus, but also for our industry. Beyond delivering on our vision for a new approach to running business-critical applications quickly and reliably at the plant level, we’re setting industrial companies up to succeed in the biggest area for growth in our market: edge computing.

In an industrial world just now feeling comfortable with modernizing its infrastructure and employing cloud computing principles, edge computing introduces yet another evolution for our customers. Many know this shift may be challenging, but are quickly realizing it is one they’ll need to embrace. With edge computing set to become a $3.4 billion market opportunity by 2021 (according to IDC), we’re working tirelessly to simplify this transition for them with our first offering in what will grow to become a robust family of edge products.

Industrial companies have long operated with their processing information in siloes. Today, however, an energy company may have thousands of sensors collecting information from miles of pipeline; or a beverage company may rely on data analysis and improved economics to deliver seasonal beer on schedule. They can’t afford to keep information in siloes.

Our customers’ focus has always been on delivering quality products consistently and on schedule. They don’t have the time or resources to let technology requiring IT’s support to install and maintain complicate their business. And cloud computing alone no longer affords them the real-time analysis they need to make business-critical decisions at the edge (never mind the costly bandwidth needed to send information to and from the cloud).

Enter ztC Edge

Our customers need an IT-friendly platform that operational technology (OT) functions can use reliably without fail every day. They can’t afford to stop drilling or make a new batch of beer and need a smarter way to keep OT systems up and running in places with limited staff to service them. ztC Edge is rugged, self-monitoring and can be installed in under an hour. Removing the IT burden plaguing most edge platforms, we’ve given OT newfound freedom. ztC Edge protects important data, keeps applications up and running and offers predictive servicing and secure connectivity.

To be valuable, edge computing solutions have to be two things: always available and easy to manage, maintain and service.

Our industrial customers deserve peace of mind. And, while edge computing seems like a new challenge, the real peace of mind comes when you know the applications running your most critical operations at the edge are guaranteed to be available. Stratus ztC Edge ensures industrial operators have the building blocks on which to evolve edge computing systems for years to come.

We have nearly 40 years of experience operating on the edge, beginning with keeping emergency response networks available 24/7 to now maintaining some of the most critical infrastructure around the world. Delivering on this new system allows our customers that are keeping drinking water safe, ensuring medicines are compliant and more don’t have to worry about what they’re installing in their plants, in the field and beyond. Our solutions will work at their edge without fail so their only focus needs to be on continuing to provide the quality products and services they have been for years.

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