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Don’t Fall Behind on your Edge Computing Deployment Journey

As your organization moves toward edge computing planning, adoption, or even deployment, do you know which barriers may be blocking your progress?

Is it a lack of edge computing best practices or education? Do you have the internal skill set to drive real business value from the edge? Do you have security concerns, or are there budget issues?

These are just some of the questions that can indicate whether or not you are already falling behind on your edge computing deployment journey.

What’s Holding Back Edge Computing Deployments?

In a recent Stratus Edge Computing Trend Report, your peers across the industry indicated that the most prevalent barriers to edge computing deployment include “a lack of edge computing education” and questions about “if, when, and how to use edge computing technology. ” Control, process or automation engineering expertise is rated as a critical skill set that teams need in order to take advantage of deploying edge computing.

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More and more companies are realizing the importance of edge computing but may be lagging behind in their journey without knowing it. Your company, or your clients if you are a system integrator or OEM organization, might not have the speed, network performance or in-house expertise to drive value from the edge. Most organizations face cost concerns as well as reliable technology frameworks to ensure continuous availability of their core business processes.

Industry analysts and many across industry verticals say that the introduction of edge computing is the most significant plant-floor advancement in industrial computing since the introduction of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) 30 years ago. The edge is “where the action is” at or near core business processes such as manufacturing assembly lines, high-transaction frameworks, pump and fuel lines, transportation applications, and many other types of processes.

How Do You Compare?

So, where do you rank? Stratus’ Edge Computing Assessment questionnaire helps companies understand if they are currently equipped for edge computing. It is an interesting and insightful approach to planning for the coming of your digital transformation. Find out what you need to get ahead of the game by completing the Edge Computing Self-assessment.

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