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Imagine a future where your self-adapting, fully autonomous edge-to-enterprise computing environment becomes invisible to you in your day-to-day operations.

What might we be able to do within such a powerful, intuitive and reliable environment?  Can we really achieve this in the real world?

The Edge Computing Maturity Model Culminates in the Invisible Enterprise

The final I in the Edge Computing Maturity Model is the Invisible level. When we say invisible, we are describing technology that is autonomous, zero-touch, and secure. It runs in the background, providing business intelligence that allows enterprises to focus on innovation and growth.

Looking at the capabilities, we find systems that are fully autonomous, with machine-to-machine communications. It is agile and self-adapting, with assets connected across organizations, not just sites. Processes include automated data collection and analytics across all functions within the organization. Decision making is driven by AI, and the supply chain, plant production and quality control are all self-optimizing.

Because the level of automation is so high and AI has been integrated into so many decision-making processes, the level of labor intensity at the Invisible level has decreased significantly. Labor is highly skilled, and while there is a limited amount of supervisory work needed, for the most part, workers can focus on strategy and business-critical applications.

On the technology side, we have interoperability between the edge at the plant, fog, and the cloud. All the assets can talk to each other and share information, taking action or analyzing at the right stage in the data pipeline. Any security issues are detected and resolved in real time as needed.

Isolated, Informed, Insightful, Intelligent, Invisible

The Stratus Edge Computing Maturity Model provides a roadmap for organizations to follow when bringing digital transformation to their operations. Now more than ever, it has become clear that companies who can be agile and adapt to changing consumer and market conditions will be the winners in the long term.

To read more about the stages of the maturity model, please read our two previous blog posts on the Isolated and Informed and  Insightful and Intelligent steps  and download your copy of the Edge Computing Maturity Model.  Status experts are also available to consult and offer edge computing solutions to help enterprises reach their goals.

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