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Evolve Your IIoT Strategy to Allow for Analytics Everywhere

by John Fryer

It’s no secret that new IIoT technologies are driving industrial transformation. Particular focus is paid to the critical early use cases like reliability, energy, productivity, and quality; and how a hybrid approach can drive early success – while laying the foundation for substantive transformations.

Let’s talk about how we got here. Many industries are facing extreme pressures to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency. This is easier said than done. Standing in the way are outdated operational technology (OT) infrastructures. Often installed decades ago, these systems gather potentially valuable data, but it’s painful or even impossible to extract it for high-level analysis.

Meanwhile, IT teams are making huge strides with virtualization, connectivity, and data analytics. If OT upgrades continue to be stalled, companies are handcuffed from tapping into the power of IIoT technologies. Linking machines, equipment, and sensors with advanced control systems and analytics is vital to propelling efficiency gains and unlocking business insights to drive growth.

A Strong IIoT Strategy is a Must

While change introduces risk, it’s essential to keep pace with intensifying demands to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A thoughtful, incremental approach to upgrading automation and control infrastructure helps you reap the advantages of modernization while minimizing risk. Don’t wait. The sooner you take the first step, the sooner you will capture the compelling financial and competitive advantages of IIoT, including the ability to access data analytics, anytime, anywhere.

Want to achieve rapid time to value and lower your risk of failure when making Industry 4.0 a reality? Watch myself and Matthew Littlefield, President and Principal Analyst of LNS Research, as we explore this transformation during the recent webinar: Build an Analytics Anywhere Strategy Today with IIoT

This Webinar Teaches Viewers How To:

  • Develop a strategy that provides a seamless experience across the edge, data center, or cloud
  • Provide a holistic technology architecture across IT & OT
  • Evolve and address how IIoT strategy enables new decision-making processes and success metrics
  • Transform plant personnel and management into knowledge workers

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