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Top 5 Ways IIoT Solutions Help Solve Business Problems

Solving Problems with IIoT Solutions

Life at the edge in industrial automation (IA) is home to a manifold of edge-based devices that process, transmit and store data passing between networks. But when factories are at the edge are located in remote sites, more intelligence, computing power, and advanced services are needed. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provide just that.

IIoT solutions make it possible for edge devices to gather an immense amount of data to be analyzed to produce greater business results. But these aren’t the only benefits. Implementation impacts your business by:

  1. Reducing the Cost of Downtime – Even one second of downtime can mean millions of dollars lost for some companies. Factors such as damage to reputation, environmental damage, litigation, and more can amplify the cost of downtime. To help, Stratus offers a  downtime calculator to help you understand the true cost of unplanned downtime for your plant.
  2. Accurately Tracking Potential Errors – Track any machinery and detect a wide range of errors within the supply chain with no human interference.
  3. Improving the Safety of Operating Equipment – Process variability causes fewer process upsets which means there is lower energy consumption and an improvement in production. With online monitoring, even small mechanical issues can be spotted sooner, leading to greater safety for employees.
  4. Supporting Predictive Maintenance –Through algorithms, artificial intelligence, and more, platforms can now predict equipment failure and warn orgs early on.
  5. Providing Real Time Data – For companies that require real time responsiveness for real time data, IIoT solutions are critical. Real time data analytics enhance industrial and manufacturing processes and help your business thrive.

With edge computing comes the possibility for new efficiencies and more optimized operations. To ensure success when adapting an IIoT solution, start by asking yourself these four questions:

  • How can we encourage synergies across teams?
  • Are applications in the right place?
  • Are you set up to scale the edge effectively?
  • What’s the best way to secure this new connected edge?

For most, the path to IIoT will be an evolutionary journey. And that means taking a hard look at existing operational technology. Take a look at secure, simple and reliable platforms that can support the promise of the IIoT in our webinar Asset Performance in the Age of the IIoT.

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