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If you’ve been following us since the Fall, then you know we’ve been validating assumptions in the market on edge and cloud computing. And, our justification came through with an ARC Advisory Group market report on edge computing in industrial environments at ARC Industry Forum.

In lockstep with the report’s release, we proudly announced our vision and roadmap for the edge and discussed our new converged OT solution to be rolled out in 2018. Fast-forward present-day, and we’re coming hot off the heels of a very successful ARC Industry Forum in Orlando. At the forum we introduced our smart, self-monitoring edge computing platform – Stratus ztC Edge.

Nonetheless, our time in Orlando was about more than just our own announcement, it was to take part in the 22nd Annual ARC Industry Forum and share thought leadership with peers and colleagues on how digitizing factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users. We were also fortunate enough to have two of our valued customers join us at the Forum to discuss their own needs for an advanced edge infrastructure suitable for IT-constrained manufacturing environments, as well as their recent implementations of Stratus solutions. Uncovering strategies to reduce downtime and increase plant KPIs meant an open and honest discussion on how IT and OT convergence can and should align to deploy the best solution, fitting into existing systems, supporting standards, and delivering ROI. All the while laying the foundation to support modern technologies, such as virtualization and IIoT.

A good portion of the Forum’s content and focus was on cybersecurity and its continued challenges within the industrial community. Forum sessions included topics on: security trends, cyber insurance for operations, and smart cities and infrastructure cybersecurity. Not to mention daily case study tracks on the topic, as well as workshops.

To help our customers fight back against these risks we must first fully understand their topmost security concerns, reconcile them with changes in the edge computing industry, and define the roadmap and strategies accordingly. What we’re seeing is a heightened desire for simplicity.

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