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Scenic and Critical Water Systems at Shanghai Disney Stay Safe with Stratus

Imagine annually hosting 25 million theme park visitors that expect a magical and safe experience and the public health consequences if water contamination occurred at the site. That’s why Shanghai Disney Resort, the newest and largest Disney theme park in Asia, takes no chances. Disney’s critical water system is run on Stratus continuous availability solutions.

Shanghai Disney Resort is a massive theme park with six “lands” and shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. It spans a lush, 963-acre property rich with scenic lakes and public green spaces. Behind the scenes, a comprehensive water circulation and irrigation system keeps these natural areas safe and inviting for visitors by ensuring strict adherence to water quality standards.

The complex water treatment system has the capacity to treat 24,000 cubic meters of water per day. It relies on an automated software system to track, control, and analyze the equipment managing water flow, as well as data measuring water quality. Even brief unplanned system downtime could lead to water contamination and turn a nice day at the park into a public health nightmare.

To avoid such disasters, Stratus built the core infrastructure of Shanghai Disney Resort’s water treatment system on Stratus ftServers. Intelligent, self-healing ftServers prevent unplanned downtime from occurring in the first place. As a result, the park’s critical systems run continuously with no data loss.

In a Stratus case study about the park, Mr. Pang, Shanghai Disney Resort’s chief engineer, explains, “We can count on the Stratus ftServer solution to eliminate single points of technical failure so this critical system runs continuously—without unscheduled interruptions—for smooth, reliable operations.”

In fact, since going live, the ftServer solution has delivered continuous transmission of vital water quality and control system data with zero unplanned downtime. This allows the resort to consistently meet— and exceed—quality standards for second-class surface water throughout the property.

The Stratus solution also has been easy for Mr. Pang’s team to manage and maintain. They didn’t have to write any special failover scripts as in a traditional disaster recovery solution, or modify their applications to be cluster-aware. The software simply runs just as it would on any industry-standard server, except that the ftServer is continuously available.

As further testimony of the easy serviceability of Stratus solutions, the park’s IT staff uses a single ftServer dashboard to monitor the water treatment system infrastructure. The team can automatically restart applications if an unrecoverable error occurs and avoid any downtime or loss of in-flight data.

Stratus keeps water systems like the one at Shanghai Disney Resort up and running for organizations worldwide. That’s one of the key reasons the resort chose the ftServer. It’s proven to be reliable and easy to manage in numerous other water treatment facilities. By removing the complexity of preventing downtime, Stratus translates to low total cost of ownership and high return on investment. For Shanghai Disney Resort, that return is best demonstrated by the delight and safety of tens of thousands visitors that enjoy its vast facility every day.

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