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How System Integrators Play a Critical Role in Edge Computing Innovation 

by Stratus Technologies

While automation is accelerating business intelligence across industries, many industrial companies lack the staff and experience to execute projects, relying instead on system integrators (SIs). By developing core competencies in emerging technologies like Edge Computing, system integrators can position themselves as trusted partners and drivers of automation and control innovation.

What Does a System Integrator Do? 

System integrators are dependable advisors to global organizations spanning many industries. As defined by Gartner, a system integrator is “an enterprise that specializes in implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving, and sometimes maintaining a computing operation. SIs try to bring order to disparate suppliers.” 

Not only that, but system integrators also play a crucial role in supporting innovation, improving safety, performance, and efficiencies across many business-critical applications. Even the most advanced and technically adept manufacturing facilities need support and help with pioneering emerging technologies. A great SI works closely with their customers and suppliers to drive digital transformation.

With rapid advancements across Edge Computing – which is projected to become a $15B market over the next few years – as well as advancements in data management and cybersecurity, SIs with the right skill set have the exciting opportunity to tap into this fast-growing market.

Why System Integration is Crucial Across Many Industries

System integrators work with many types of organizations, ranging from industrial manufacturers, oil & gas companies to pharmaceutical and transportation companies. SIs typically manage the deployment, implementation, and operation life cycle of multifaceted IT and OT solutions, providing Edge Computing innovation to multiple markets.

While operators face distinct challenges in different industries, the overall risk of poorly implemented automation projects remains the same: limited operational efficiency. This is where SIs step in to help. Ensuring reliability in emerging IIoT subfields allow system integrators to show value and earn the trust that underpins strong, lasting business relationships. 

Stratus Edge Computing and System Integrator Implementations 

Stratus solutions have continued to evolve and strengthen alongside the changing needs of various industries in the midst of digital transformation. Stratus system integrator partners count on Stratus’ deep expertise and technology in designing remotely managed, continuously available hardware for manufacturers, oil & gas companies, pharma organizations, and many more.

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With a zero-touch edge solution, companies can actively monitor automated machinery and provide predictive analytics to forecast expected maintenance and repairs, improving operational resilience. Stratus provides system integrator partners with the infrastructure needed to integrate new devices safely and seamlessly into automated production environments. This allows for notable upgrades in edge analytics capabilities. For the system integrator,

it can also mean a consolidation of compute platforms required to host their solutions, providing a better integrated solution with improved licensing costs.

Stratus’ ztC Edge® platform is easy-to-install, tamper proof, self-monitoring, and self-protecting. This ensures that applications keep running, minimizing data loss in any environment, no matter how rugged and challenging.  

A Trusted Partner: Join the Stratus Global SI Program

The Stratus Global SI Program empowers system integrators to create scalable and innovative Edge Computing offerings for their end users, developing confidence, capabilities, and increased productivity. Not only that, but Stratus system integrator partners also gain critical training, certification, accreditation, systems, and support to build trusted automation and control solutions through Edge Computing platforms.  

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