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Dunkirk (Dunkirk)” ~Stratus Technology Japan President’s Blog vol.5

My business trip to the U.S. headquarters in March was a typical in-house business meeting, so it was a monotonous day. 4 days to the head office and 5 nights including transfer between hotel and airport. I was heading from the hotel to the airport on Friday morning. It was just a snowstorm on the east coast, so almost every morning, the day started with the snow being removed from the car. The road to Boston Logan International Airport on Friday had already been shoveled and the airport itself was operating well. I heard that New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was closed once during that week due to heavy snowfall.

Whether you’re using the airport on a business trip or on a private trip, the most important thing to worry about is the schedule of your flight. After joining Stratus, I am also concerned about the smooth operation of the airport. Many computer vendors and telecommunications vendors’ equipment are operated at airports, so I suspect that other vendors and system integrators may have the same feeling.

Used in high-availability operations, Stratus computers are used in a variety of applications, including air traffic control at many international airports. Of course, it is also used at airports in Japan. Atlanta Airport in the United States has more than 90 million passengers per year, and airports in Hong Kong have more than 60 million passengers per year. Airports in Singapore and Dubai also use Stratus computers.

Well, I watched a few movies on this business trip. Among them were two about World War II in Europe. It’s called “Darkest Hour.” Winston Churchill, the man who saved the world from Hitler) and “Dunkirk” (“Dunkirk”; Dunkirk). In Japan, the latter was released last year, but the former is currently on sale, so I think you will have a chance to see it in theaters.

During a business trip, the hotel’sBARI had the opportunity to watch the Academy Awards ceremony broadcast live, and the Best Pictureは“The Shape Of Water”(Japanese title;Shape of Waterー)won the award. It was also recommended by the bartender”Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”(Japanese title);Three Billboards) also won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. It was interesting, so I also saw these works on the return flight. Speaking of winning an Oscar,“Darkest Hour”The fact that Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuji, a Japanese who was in charge of special makeup, won the Makeup & Hair Styling Award became a hot topic in Japan.

The two films I mentioned earlier are set in World War II, both of which deal with the Dunkirk evacuation operation. In “Darkest Hour,” Churchill becomes prime minister after Chamberlain and is forced to make difficult choices, but the power of words is conspicuous. There is a scene in which he orders the withdrawal of Dunkirk in the midst of a thorough resistance without choosing peace with Nazi Germany. “Dunkirk” depicts a day on an immersive battlefield in a format where the camera follows multiple characters. These include a young soldier in the Royal Army, a father, and son of a civilian ship requisitioned in Operation Dynamo to retreat, and a Royal Air Force pilot defending the withdrawal operation from the Luftwaffe.

There are things I remembered after watching these movies. It was described in a book I recently read titled “World History as Culture.” It is a book written by Professor Emeritus Ryoji Motomura of the University of Tokyo, but in fact, I met Mr. Motomura at the BAR in Kunitachi City, Tokyo when I was young in my 20s, and I remember talking about horse racing several times. It’s been almost 30 years since I lost my life, but I saw your name in a bookstore and bought it because I felt nostalgic. In the description of the book, I was reminded that the British still distrust the Germans. To put it a little more simply, I don’t like it. “The UK decided to leave the EU in 2016 as a result of a referendum. Prime Minister Cameron, who had been appealing for him to stay, resigned. The reason why the British people chose to leave is the antipathy to the huge burden they pay to the EU. It was also a manifestation of mixed national sentiment mixed with antipathy towards Germany, which is leading the country. The British basically hate Germans because the grudges of World War II are still lingering.” Watching these two films on the theme of Dunkirk’s retreat, I was able to understand the background of Mr. Motomura’s description as if I had actually experienced it myself. In this book, there is also a story about the historical research of Japan, China, and Korea in Asia, but I will omit it here. It is in the context of world history and written by an expert on ancient Roman history, so please read it directly if you have a chance.

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